VERMONT FOLKLIFE CENTER Vision and Voice Documentary Workspace presents

Mexican Migrant Workers and Vermont Dairy Farmers
Migrant Mexican farm workers began arriving on Vermont dairy farms almost ten years ago and continue to work here living hidden lives. Through intimate photographs and interviews, this project strives to create a revealing portrait of dairy farmers and their Mexican employees and offer a glimpse into their interdependent lives-exploring who they are and what they hope for.

Conceived by former Vermont Migrant Education Program tutor, Chris Urban, whose work teaching English brought him to farms around Addison County, this project pairs photographs by Caleb Kenna with audio and text excerpts from interviews conducted by Chris Urban. The dairy farmers and farm workers who are featured here elected to participate in the project but have chosen to remain anonymous.

Although this project focuses on Addison County, the same stories could be told in dairy farming communities around Vermont and throughout the United States. The documentary process brings this world into view in all of its complexity and contradiction.